Buyer in LeDroit Park

Emily is smart, savvy, professional, and dogged in her representation. I was a first time home buyer in DC, and all my angst was erased by her steady and sage advice. She took care of details small (e.g., having coffee for me when she picked me up to tour homes) and large (e.g., sales contract and 2 week closing period). She bent her schedule to accommodate mine, had a great working relationship with listing agents, and was a keen negotiator in working to ensure my offer was selected amongst a pool of 6 bids. Emily went far beyond what I could have expected from a realtor. Her connections, intelligence, and experience made it possible for me to get a beautiful house despite intense competition. She ensured that I experienced none of the ordinary stressors of the home buying process, and worked to ensure that my lender got everything accomplished in time to meet a 2 week closing period. Emily brings dual skills as a realtor and an attorney, and the benefit of that combination was readily apparent. You want her on your side!

Matthew Strader

As a first time home buyer, I was anxious and intimidated, and I could not have asked for a better realtor to help me navigate the process. Emily was incredibly responsive; her attentiveness and rapidity of reply was some of the best customer service I have received anywhere. Frequently, I would have a question keeping me up at night and I would get a reply almost immediately. Each step of the way, I was well-informed and clear about what I could expect. Emily was clearly representing my best interests - she immediately informed me about an issue with a lender, and then found me a new lender with whom I was quite impressed. Emily consistently went above and beyond, collecting documents I wanted to see and arranging conversations to ensure I felt comfortable with the property. My personal experience of purchasing was fairly low-stress and understandable, and I credit Emily for that. I would highly recommend her services to anyone searching for a home.

Howard Cabiness

Outstanding real estate service! Could not have been better!

Sheri McGreen

Emily is intelligent and very professional. She has good insight and good negotiation skills. Emily sees the big picture, therefore, she can explain, anticipate and prevent issues before they transpire. The service she provided me was beyond what I even expected, and I will certainly use her for my real estate needs in the future.

Seller in Alexandria

Emily is very knowledgeable and helpful in locating the property you seek, and she is very successful at closing the deal in a very positive way. I will seek support from Emily in my next purchase for sure!

Buyer in Leesburg

Emily Gordon is the very best realtor we have ever worked with, and we have worked with a good number of realtors. Emily is also a licensed attorney in both VA and DC. Let there be no doubt, she applied her full set of professional qualifications to every minor detail throughout our entire real estate transaction.

Buyer in Alexandria

Emily is fantastic. She's an ideal advocate for your best interests and an effective negotiator -- because she's a realtor AND has legal expertise and prior work experience on the background processes required for buying a home! I had a lot of concerns and questions as a first time home buyer. Emily helped break down all the steps into bite-size pieces, working with me to understand all my options and empowered me to make strategic decisions.


Emily was awesome in every way! I am NOT a professional house hunter and quite frankly, hate the process. The places all start to run together, and it is sometimes hard to capture all the "pros & cons." Emily IS that professional, and was instrumental in helping me find my new home and get all the details settled. Emily helped me hone in on what I wanted and where I wanted/needed to be. Helping me avoid a few pitfalls that I would of had to live with for the duration of the lease. She did not consider her job done, until I actually took possession of the home and stayed with me every step of the way. She was great to work with, very knowledgeable about her job and all the area neighborhoods and incredibly charming as a bonus. She was also a tough, no nonsense negotiator who helped me get the best deal for my money. Can't say enough about Emily! What are you waiting for...you want to find your next home...call Emily!!!

Renter in Arlington

Emily was wonderful. She helped me find a perfect condo in Arlington. She was patient and listened to me. Emily adapted easily to my changing focus and was always great to work with as we drove around and looked at places. She knows DC and Arlington real estate very well. Emily is super smart and also brings a legal background to the real estate hunt - she is on top of every detail and will help you get the best deal. I look forward to working with Emily again and would highly recommend her to anyone.

Bobby Luyties

Emily was outstanding. We ended up working with her after calling to ask about a separate property and are so happy we did. Emily went to a number of houses across the Arlington/Alexandria area and did messenger video chats to show us the residences since we were in another state. She was very mindful of our needs and made sure to know where local parks, pools, or others areas for children and pets were in relation to the home. We were also very happy with her responsiveness every day of the week including weekends and a holiday.

Buyer in Woodbridge

Emily is fantastic! As a first time home owner, I found her to be extremely helpful and patient with me as I went through the process. She is extremely knowledgeable and explained everything to me very thoroughly. I was especially impressed with her negotiating skills, as she was able to make an already great deal even better for me. I will be recommending her to all of my friends who have home buying needs in the area.

Renter in Alexandria

Emily was extremely helpful and available at any hour of the day. We met and looked at a number of homes that Emily found for us as well as ones that we were interested in seeing. With her help we quickly found a rental in our budget that met our needs.

A. Warren

Emily went above and beyond to locate the perfect apartment for my family. She was extremely quick to respond to any questions. Emily also listened to our wants and needs and found exactly what we were looking for in the perfect location and great price. I would HIGHLY recommend any looking for a house or apartment to use Emily.

Iesha Lane

This was my first time using a realtor, and Emily was GREAT! She was always available, responded to emails and text messages quickly, and very knowledgeable about the areas. She helped me find a very nice condo in a great neighborhood, within my budget. I would definitely recommend Emily to anybody looking for a realtor!

Renter in Alexandria

One of the first things that set [Emily] apart was her responsiveness. I submitted countless requests for information to numerous sites and real estate agencies, but was met with nothing but silence. When I submitted a request for information for one of [her] listings, she got back to me within 24 hrs (possibly sooner, my memory fails me) and not once since did one of my questions to her go unanswered for long. [Emily] was very knowledge about the area in which I was searching and provided a number of options to aid my search.

Stephanie Martin

Emily was very attentive and knowledgeable about the area. She was flexible and willing to help us from the very beginning all the way until after we moved in.

Kenneth Bledsoe

I worked with Emily on the sale of my home and the purchase of a new one. She was great on both sides of the transaction. She helped us find necessary services (like movers, settlement companies, etc.) and even helped us move things out of the house we were selling to stage it. Most importantly, she was extremely responsive to my and my wife's communications throughout the process. I highly recommend working with her.